History, Port of Gold Beach

  • Port of Gold Beach6,600 B.C.: The earliest record of human habitation at the mouth of the Rogue River.
  • 1542-43: The earliest approaches to the Southern Oregon Coast by the Spanish.
  • 1828: Jedediah Smith lead an expedition through the area.
  • 1877: The R.D. Hume hatchery was established on the Rogue River.
  • 1890: Ellensburg becomes Gold Beach and a wagon road was completed north to Coos County.
  • 1924: First electricity in Gold Beach.
  • 1927: Roosevelt Highway 101 completed.
  • 1932: Patterson Bridge completed.
  • 1935: Commercial fishing with nets banned on the Rogue River.

Established in 1955, the Gold Beach Port District has grown to own and manage a diverse portfolio of interests in the Gold Beach area.

The original Cannery Building was constructed by Jerry Hull in 1968. The building was constructed when the ocean troll salmon fishing off the mouth of the Rogue River was at it’s peak.

In 1974, with the addition of a shrimp and crab fishery, the two story full scale seafood processing plant was constructed. The plant contained shrimp, crab, and salmon processing equipment.

Between 1974 and 1984 the facility changed hands 3 times. From 1986 until the present decreases in non-tribal troll fisheries had a negative effect on the plant’s ability to operate profitably. In 1991 the cannery facility was sub-leased for sea urchin processing.

With the need to diversify from the fishing industry the Port decided to renovate the Cannery. In March 1998 the doors opened to the newly renovated cannery building.

Port interests now include the port, the airport, and Huntley Park.